Elucigene CF4v2

Elucigene CF4v2 is a single tube ‘just add DNA’ assay for the rapid and simple detection of the 4 most frequent CFTR mutations in a UK Caucasian population. Elucigene CF4v2 is routinely used for the UK cystic fibrosis neonatal screening program. Specifically designed for cystic fibrosis newborn screening programs in England and Wales. Detects the four most common Cystic Fibrosis mutations: F508del, G551D, G542X and 621+1G>T.

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KIT, Eluci, CF4v2, 25 T, IVD-CE


1 PCR tube per sample, 4 mutations detected, Genetic Analyzer platform

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CF4v2 GeneMapper Files for v3.7 and above