Reproductive Health

Elucigene Diagnostics provides a range of genetic tools to help manage reproductive health from recurrent miscarriage (RPL) to the analysis of male infertility and y-microdeletion analysis.

Product Number Kit Name Notes
AZFPLBX Elucigene MFI-Yplus Kit, IVD-CE 11 additional markers for Y-chromsome microdeletions, 10 Tests More Information
AZFXYB1 Elucigene Male Factor Infertility Kit, IVD-CE Sex Chromosome Anueploidy, AZFabc regions, 25 Tests More Information
AN6XYB1 Elucigene QST*R-PL Pregnancy Loss Kit, IVD-CE Chromosomal Aneuploidy Detection: 8, QF-PCR Analysis Technique, 25 Tests More Information