New! QST*R 21 Euplex kit

Elucigene Diagnostics are excited to announce the release of a new reflex kit to determine the status of chromosome 21 aneuploidies.

QST*R 21 Euplex is for the routine quantitative in vitro diagnosis of trisomies associated with chromosome 21. The assay is a supplemental kit designed to be used in conjunction with QST*R or QST*RplusV2 IVD kits. This additional testing is used in order to confirm or discount positive results.

With a total of 8 chromosome 21 markers, the assay provides 3 additional markers to those screened for by QST*RplusV2. This enables the kit to provide a more conclusive diagnostic interpretation for chromosome 21 aneuploidies. QST*R-21 Euplex is intended to be used on DNA extracted from either amniotic fluid or chorionic villus samples (CVS) taken during amniocentesis. The assay runs on the same genetic analyser as QST*R plusV2 and QST*R, using the same running conditions.

If you currently use our QST*R or QST*R plusv2 kits and have time please fill in our survey to register your interest in the QST*R 21 Euplex reflex kit.

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